If you are struggling in finding the space in your home especially in the cramped bathroom or half bath, then you need to implement some creativity and design in that. Here we are going to discuss few tips to get started the remodeling in your home. the first important thing is that you need to maximize the space in the existing place.

Now let us look into some methods for transforming the bathroom form cramped to most comfort place requires efficient use of the space.

Less is more: Normally homeowners have great tendency to keep all convenience in nearby place. if you are really dealing with some small bathroom, then you have to try the basic things. this is mainly because you are limiting the items in the bathroom; you can also feel free just to include the high end toiletries as using luxury towels and by using designer soaps. And always try to keep some of the accessories like the hair dryers near the linen closets.

Store few things in shelves: Small bathroom shelve can be used in order to hold the towels and some of the washcloths using more spacious place. shelves can also be placed in any walls, but you need to eliminate the pile up of items on toilets or in other surfaces.

Open the floor space: If you are having the cabinet under the sink, try to consider in replacing the whole unit with wall mounted sinks or pedestal. These kinds of smaller and slimmer designs will take only small space.

Replace bathtub: If your bathroom has bathtub in it already, try to consider the swapping in shower or just the walk in tubs. Using the clear glass doors on shower may also give the impression of many floor spaces.

Use indirect lighting in your bathroom: the lightening fixtures which jut out from the walls or the ceiling may sometimes take up space and make your new bathroom feel more comfortable. Try to consider on installing the recessed lighting in order to illuminate the specific place.

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