Home Remodelling Latex Or Epoxy:- Which Is A Better Choice?

Latex Or Epoxy:- Which Is A Better Choice?


Not all the floor paint types are suitable for different parts of your home. Regular ones are easy to implement because you just have to apply them on the wall. However, if you are looking for paint for basement or garage, then story is going to be different. These floorings are made from concrete and require special type of paint. This paint is known as epoxy paint. If you are looking to paint garage floors, then this is going to be your best choice. Its composition can easily seal with concrete floors. However, make sure that you follow full precautions and instructions, which comes along with the manuals provided by the manufactures.

Selection of paint

 This is n essential part and homeowners should understand because not all the kinds of paints are suitable for the composition of floors. Latex paints can also work well on floors made of concrete because they are made in such a way that it can withstand daily wear and tear. It is important that you make a careful selection. Garage is one place where your cars are going to pass everyday and you must choose paint that can tolerate the heavy traffic. On weekends, you might want to organize a garage sale where people are roughly going to use the floor.

Epoxy paint advantages

This paint is having several advantages and is the number one choice of the people. This paint is durable and can last for long periods. There is no need to coat them year after year unlike the others. You will be able to maintain it easily a regular leaning like mopping will do. Stains can also be easily removed from this type of floors.

Latex paint advantages

Latex paints on the other hand s the second choice of the people and they are also a good choice. You can use this for your concrete and patio floors. It is also cheaper and people with tight budget can use it. The end result is similar to the epoxy paint. However, to provide a complete finish for latex floorings you will need a protective coating. The length of the drying is three days so make sure you plan it as a weekend project. This will also depend upon the weather conditions. Latex can fade easily if it is exposed to sunlight for long time. There is variety of colors los available if you want a unique look.