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Why people choose Maya constructions?


The Maya constructions completed more than 400 remodeling work within 15 years and they are efficient in working and they have good communication in these fields and they complete their work in time. Maya Construction have worked on over 100 basement remodels in Chicago and they are remodeling the basement after the visiting the place and have a discussion about the area and make a plan for how to change the basement; Check out unique ideas to use in the room. They have many modern ideas to change your basement into child’s play room or any other rooms. They do the work with good quality and also finishing in a short period of time with the lowest cost and save clients money. Even though basement remodeling is a big project for home and we can use all the idea of new creations in the basement room.

How they work in basement remolding

Maya construction gives important to something before starting the remodeling that is, they decide the budget of the remodeling to check cost going to spend on the project. They are giving importance to space and design for basement before they start the renovation and they hire only professional experts in remodeling. When finishing the basement remodeling, it looks smart and they use some materials such as waterproof wall and some other things which reduce the damage from water. Maya construction offers a high impact in resistant backed by rigid foam insulation, which is strong to support all which is framed conveniently in the wall. A panel attached in the basement is directly fixed to the foundation wall and we can divide the rooms or space using versatile. There are various versions in panels which can be used in basement remodeling and make the basement with waterproofing. You can use the basement room as a laundry room or it can be used as storing materials like heater and other materials too. They use large windows and glass attached in the wall make the basement more attractive. They use duct in the basement, which is painted related to the color of the wall where there is no difference between the wall and the duct. Maya Construction have worked on over 100 basement remodels in Chicago and they do work in other remodeling at home like bathrooms, kitchen, etc., with more classic in view. When choosing the contractor to work on the basement makes sure that they have enough knowledge in basement remodeling.