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Eco Friendly Ways To Easily Clean Your Drains Without Chemicals


Being a homemaker is no child’s play! Things take an ugly, messy and stinky turn when one faces a slow draining kitchen sink or bathtub! To resolve the matter quickly, people often turn to use harsh chemicals. Okay, one has to admit that the results are fast but what about the consequences of using such products, especially on the environment!?

If you are one of those people who prefer taking the eco friendly route when it comes to cleaning your clogged kitchen sink or bathtub then it is good not only for environment but for you as well as you know that using chemical clog cleaners does more harm than good because these chemicals not only has the ability to damage your skin and eyes but can also affect your lungs with their strong fumes?

Take a look at some of the easy and eco-friendly ways you can clean a clogged drain in no time!

A good plunger!

It is best to go for the good old plunger suited for getting rid of objects or food particles that got stuck in the p-trap of your sink! It works perfectly for getting rid of a slow draining sink, a bathtub or a completely clogged drain!

Make sure you have taken measures to keep water splashes under check since they are bound to happen. Surround the sink with blotting paper or old rags to soak in the excess water. Fill up the sink with warm water until it is half-full. It is recommended to use a rubber plunger instead of a synthetic one for best results.

A long wire hook!

One can also go for a simple yet effective tool that has won the hearts of homemakers since time immemorial. Yes! You got that right! The spotlight is on a long wire hook! It is best suited for kitchen scenarios where the primary drain or your bathtub outlet is draining slowly!

All one needs to do is to bend one end of a long metal wire in the shape of a hook. It is strongly recommended to use pliers for bending the wire. It should be followed by removing any visible debris from the drain, make sure you are wearing heavy duty gloves! Now, slowly insert the hook and continue moving the same in a to and fro motion. It will loosen up the stuck debris and the accumulated water will then force the loose debris down the drain!

Hot water and salt mix!

Most of the time, the culprit behind a clogged drain is accumulated grease, hair, soap and fat residue. Things take an ugly turn now and then especially if your home has narrow pipes for drainage! All one needs to do is to pour half a cup of salt down the clogged drain. Heat up at least 2 litres of water and make sure the same comes to a nice boil! Pour the hot water down the drain slowly. The type of salt doesn’t count as you can use any type including table, kosher or sea salt!

The goal of this blog is to encourage the use of natural means to clean a clogged drain. Chemical clog cleaners are not only harmful to human health but also for the environment. So, to sum it up, going natural is the way of the wise!