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The 5 Best Places to Buy a First House in Greater Manchester

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Greater Manchester is a city filled with commercial establishments, as well as centers of administration, retail and finance. In addition, transportation around the city is pretty easy due to a number of roads, motorways, light rails, and canals. Greater Manchester is mostly urban, but also has rural, semi-rural, and suburban areas.

If you have secured yourself employment in Greater Manchester, you might find that rent within the city isn’t cheap. If you reside in the suburbs, the weekly rent can reach up to £100.

If you want to live closer to the center of the city, be prepared to shell out twice the price for half the actual living space. In other words, living in Greater Manchester, so a great way to save up on rent is to look for apartments or houses in villages surrounding Greater Manchester. look at these new properties for sale in Gatley

This article shares the reasons why you’d want to consider buying your first house from Gatley, Eccles, Marple, Bramhall, and Worsley. 

Cheadle/Cheadle Hulme

While Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme have been separated from Stockport and the Greater Manchester during World War 2, it still manages to retain its homely village ambience. For the many residents in Cheadle, they love going to the Cheadle High Street—one of the most thriving shopping districts in the region.

Families, on the other hand, love the fact that there are schools nearby to which they can send their children. One example of a prestigious school located in Cheadle is the Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College.

For both young professionals and families, looking up houses for sale Cheadle can be worth considering.


There are a number of reasons why buying your first house at Bramhall, Stockport, is a good choice. First, nearby Stockport’s town center is filled with a variety of restaurants, shops, and amenities for leisure and entertainment. If, however, you’re an outdoor person, the Bramhall Park is a popular attraction in which you can take a leisurely run when you want to.

For people with a family, parents can also send their children to prestigious schools located in the area. In fact, Bramhall is home to many primary and secondary schools that offer high quality education that help inspire friendly competition and diligence.

Next, the strong commuter links allow people to commute easily to Greater Manchester through the A34, and to other major cities like through the M60.


As years pass, Gatley is quickly becoming the most preferred area to living within Greater Manchester. There are lots of local amenities nearby, namely coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. More importantly, the first-rate transport links help people get to different areas quickly.

If you’re planning to look for your first home, you might want to add to your Pros list that Gatley is only eight minutes away from the Manchester airport. This is a highly important consideration if you are a frequent traveler. Have a look at these new properties for sale in Gatley.


Marple is more on the rural end, basing from the peaceful surrounding hills and canal town paths. For people who prefer to be away from the bustling city, buying their first home in Marple could be well worth the investment for a few reasons.

First, commute to the Greater Manchester city center would take only a few minutes. Families who reside in Marple also get access to prestigious schools that offer high school and higher education. Lastly, Marple is home to a good selection of restaurants, shops, and a cinema.

look at these new properties for sale in Gatley


Worsley is a good area to purchase a house from, since it has great links to neighboring towns. Soccer fans love it here since this is where most soccer players are staying. In addition, Worsley is popular for many of its scenic views and lush greens. If you love being in an area with lots of greens, then you might want to purchase your first house here.