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The Benefits of Installing a Solid Wall Insulation

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The first and most obvious benefit to installing a solid wall insulation is the cost saving. Solid walls allow twice as much heat to escape as cavity walls do. But if your home was built before 1919, it probably has just a solid wall.

However, all is not lost to a homeowner living with solid walls. There is good news: solid walls can easily be insulated.

Cavity walls are made up of two layers of brick. In the middle of the two walls is a cavity, or “gap”. It is this gap which prevents the heat from escaping. The solid wall has no such function, so more heat is allowed to escape, rather than be captured within the cavity.

How Do I Found Out What My Walls Are – Solid or Cavity?

The simplest way is to get a surveyor round, but there is an easy exercise you can do yourself to determine if a wall has a cavity. You should measure the width of the wall. Observe the external wall, windows or any doors and measure through these fixtures.

If the wall is less than 260 mm, this would make it a solid wall.

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You can discover more about insulating a solid wall here. However, once you have established you have a solid wall, the process of insulating it is easy.

It must be considered that not every home is made up of brickwork. Steel-framed homes are rare but they do exist. Concrete walls are rare but were once common and timber made homes are still found in some cabins and holiday homes across Britain. The insulation process for these non-conventional construction is different from that process applied to a brick wall which is solid.

Solid Wall Insulation Benefits and the Process

The process can be done from outside or from within. The choice is yours. The exterior walls on some older properties are well preserved and in these instances it would be better to insulate from the inside – so as to preserve the exterior façade.

After installation your home will become welcoming and warm on the inside. The solid wall insulation process is made up of a frame rail, a number of boards packed with insulating materials and a weather-protective render.