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The Leading Cash Property Buying Company In UK


Sell your house quickly with no fuss having a guaranteed best price cash offer. Real Steady Sell buy any house fast for cash, whatever the condition, and in any location.

What is Ready Steady Sell?

Ready Steady Sell is the leading cash property buying company in the UK. It can help you achieve a quick house sale for cash regardless of your situation. Ready Steady Sell can also guarantee you a cash sale and money in the bank in as little as 7 days or in a timeframe that suits you being one of the only authentic houses in the industry. You can be assured you are going to get the best possible price for your property as the industry leading company in Quick House Sales, and also be protected in the information you are managing an organization you can trust.

Why Choose Ready Steady Sell?

You need to make sure that you choose one that is not only reputable but will also give you a fair price if you are thinking about selling your home to a house buying company. Ready Steady Sell was already been dealing in the property for many years and are established in the property market. The company are not out to make a quick buck, instead, it is here for the long-term and here to help you. The company don’t just make a huge profit on house sales nor asking for a big proportion of your equity but Ready Steady Sell offer you choices that can even get you up to 100% of your asking cost.

Ready Steady Sell’s Options to Quickly Sell Your House

There are many options to use when it comes to selling and each has their own positives and negatives. Here is the summary of the options:

  • Selling for cash – this is the easiest sale method where the company buys your house from you for cash. The company will be able to buy your house from you and give you the funds within 7 days regardless of the location or condition.
  • Assisted Home Sale – the company, with an assisted sale, will work with you to get your house sold quickly on the open market by taking full control of the sale process.
  • Quick Sale Estate Agency – sometimes the cash offers are not high enough or you don’t need to sell in such a hurry, the company is still motivated to sell quickly.
  • Lease Option – it is where the company take control of a property you own and agree to complete at a later date.
  • Selling At Auction – the company is working with one of UK’s largest auction companies and can assist with a no sale no fee national auction of your home.