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The Most Definitive Worx Hydroshot Review

The Most Definitive Worx Hydroshot Review

Are you planning on buying Worx Hydroshot? Best to read this review first!

Today’s blog post is all about Worx Hydroshot review. We understand how you are eyeing this tool on Amazon maybe for quite long now, but it is still best to look at its reviews first before buying.

Basically, for some reason that’s first, to give you an authentic, honest and unbiased opinion on it. Second, to give you more information than Amazon or other online shopping websites can provide.

If you are now ready, then let’s get started!

About Worx Hydroshot 

WORX WG629 hydroshot is a portable power cleaner in a 20V cordless. It is an all-use versatile tool that works on a rechargeable battery. This tool also works in amplifying the power of your gardening hose. Apart from that, it can also become a self-contained siphoning water pump. This power cleaner lets you clean and maintain your outdoor gear and spaces very easily and efficiently.

WORX is the branding of the item from the WORX company itself. Which they focuses on manufacturing tools for your home, yard, and workshop. Their products are mainly known for versatility and high quality, but also the company is known for some original and smart solutions to many common maintenance problems. The range of their products includes power cleaners, all kinds of saws, lawn mowers, sonicrafter universal multi-tools and a lot more related to it.

The Most Definitive Worx Hydroshot Review


WORX had gained a lot of good reviews and feedbacks from its other user and buyer. They, and I testify that is it indeed a good working tool. And that is because of its features, which are:

  • Truly portable,
  • Cordless,
  • Rechargeable battery powered,
  • Adjustable front extension bar,
  • Shares the same 20V battery as other WORX products,
  • Adjustable spray angle (0, 15, 25, 40, and watering),
  • Lightweight, and
  • Battery recharger included,

Apart from that, it is also:

  • A truly portable power cleaner for maintaining everything around the house, like cleaning spaces and all kinds of surfaces, watering plants, cleaning your car. The tool works with its own rechargeable battery, so it’s cordless, and thus highly portable.
  • With a standard purchase, you get the main tool with one battery and a recharger. You get the solid brass copper switchable spray pattern, with quick connect tech, with 5 adjustable spray patterns. You also get the extension bar and a 20-foot self-filtering garden hose.
  • Its primary use is as a power cleaner or a hydroshot, as it is popularly called. It simply attaches to your gardening hose and amplifies its power by 5 to 7 times, depending on if you use the extension bar. Long extension bar gives you a weaker spray, which is about 5 times stronger than your plain water hose but gives you a longer reach, while the short tube ramps it up to 7 times the garden hose power.

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