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Tips & Tricks: How to Style Bar Carts for Holiday Season

Tips & Tricks How to Style Bar Carts for Holiday Season

As festivity season is swiftly coming around the bend, a piece of furniture that has a holiday vibe is a clever idea to turn an empty corner into a vibrant party life. For something vintage but with a modern twist, perhaps it is time to dust off the vintage yet sophisticated bar carts.

Cocktail carts are already excellent pieces to enhance a room’s overall décor. Whether it is for ordinary days or special occasions, it is indeed an aesthetically-pleasing piece to incorporate. On the other hand, personalizing it for the holiday season may require fresh ideas and a little more attention to come up with something simple yet stylish.

How to Tailor Cocktail Carts

When customizing cocktail furniture, factors like personal style, budget, and occasion must go under consideration first before coming up with the whole idea. To guide you, here are some useful tips and tricks on how to style cocktail carts for the festivity season.

Get the Best Cart

There are several Bar Cart Australia in various style, color, and size available in the market today. To choose something that will provide not only the aesthetic but also the function as well personal style, writing a list of criteria is helpful. Here are a few things to look for:

Bar Cart Australia

  • Wheels – For easy repositioning, well-made wheels are crucial.
  • The number of shelves – Helps in organizing glassware, mixers, and spirits; additional space to accessorize the cart.
  • A lip or a rail – Prevents unwanted accidents such as broken glassware and bottles.
  • Foldability – For small spaces, foldable carts that are easy to store away are the best purchase.

Give It a Simple Yet Sophisticated Look

An eye-pleasing and straightforward trick yet people continue to ignore: a clean and organized cocktail cart. When customizing carts, make sure that the items are group according to their use. Do not clutter it with unnecessary materials as well. It is especially true if the cart is not a little bit smaller than the usual. Keep it neat and always remember to include the necessary utensils and ingredients only.

Tailor It with Signature Drinks and Essential Utensils

Initially, bar carts are not only a piece of ornament, but functional furniture used when serving cocktails. Hence, to complete its usage as well as to add a little spice, tailor it with the basics: signature drinks and essential utensils. Here’s a list to guide you:

  1. Mixing glass, cocktail shaker, strainer, spoon, jigger, ice bucket, and cutting board are great cocktail utensils to display.
  1. A bottle of tequila, rum, gin, vodka, whiskey. A flask of champagne and wine on ice are excellent spirits to display as well.
  1. Limes and lemons for garnish, soda seltzer or water, olives, cocktail cherries, and a syrup of choice.
  1. Wine glasses, champagne flutes, martini, highball, and an Old Fashioned are good options to consider.

Choose Where to Put It

Proper placement is crucial when it comes to the overall design of the room. Apart from that, giving a thought on where to put the cart will keep it from being repeatedly bumped. For instance, placing it in an entry hall is the best way to welcome the guests. However, if you want them to move to move to other parts of the house (and not only in the kitchen or living room) set the cart on the desired area. It is because these pieces have a natural way to attract people, making it a gathering spot.

Styling Bar Carts is Worth It

Bar carts are indeed exceptional pieces of furniture. They are not only for their function, but they are also great ornaments especially on special occasions such as the upcoming holidays. Personalizing it may take a little more time. But once done, every penny and second put into it is undoubtedly worth it.