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Various Types Of Garden Pests And Ways To Deal With Them


While a well-maintained garden always pleases eyes, there is a danger of garden pests terrifying the homeowner.

They are of a lot of types, and so, a homeowner should learn about them so as not to let them destroy a garden maintained through hard work.

Some pests such as weeds are tolerable, but others can ruin your hard work easily and therefore you should remove them immediately.

Basic Measures

A well-maintained lawn and yard by someone that offers professional gardening services Maroubra like Amico have a crucial role to play in warding off plant diseases and pests. However, sometimes your lawn and yard will need controlling pests.

Here are some valuable tips that will help you in the protection of your garden:

  • Water the garden in the early morning as then there will be less precipitation.
  • Keep your grass to the height of around 2.5cm because grasses taller than this are favourable for insect growth.
  • Regular irrigation and addition of fertilisers are smart choices.
  • You can also do a yearly soil test.
  • Be keen in removing fallen leaves, dead leaves and other debris to stop insects from building their nests and laying eggs.
  • Remove any standing water as it is a thriving ground for insects.
  • Be prompt in cleaning gutters otherwise pests will thrive there.
  • If you want to prevent ants, be prompt in removing any foods lying around your home, like pet food, fruits and garbage bags.
  • Use mulch sparingly as it can attract pests as well.


It’s advisable to dig up weeds just when they are young. If they are left in the earth for too long, they will be reborn every year.

Here are some common types of weeds you should be most wary of.


This is a light yellow-green grass that sprouts in winter and also in spring. Usually it dies due to the summer heat but its seedlings are fertile and if they are not treated, the weed reappears.

Use a catcher on your mower to gather seed heads.


This is a gangly grass with coarse leaves and distinguished sticky seed heads growing during spring and summer in thinned areas of lawn.

To eliminate it herbicide with DSMA is perfect. The option of hand-weeding is also effective and easy.


This arises in spring and summer. It has three dark green leaves and off-white flowers. It can be eliminated with a wide array of natural and chemical sprays that you can get in nurseries and hardware stores.


Even the healthiest gardens will have pests munching on its plants. However, not all of them cause a substantial damage needing any action. Even in the presence of these pests you can have a stunning harvest.

Thus, you should just be able to slow down the level of pest commotion that you can endure.

The most common pests such as grubs, snails, grasshoppers and aphids are kept in check by birds, lizards and frogs and also other insects that are beneficial, in healthy gardens.

With the help of a team that offers anexperienced garden maintenance in Sydney like Amico, you can learn to keep your garden pest-free.

Mould and Fungi

If your plants have caught a disease such as mould, mildew, bacteria, fungus or blight, they need help. These common diseases are spread by insects, soil, debris and spores. Even they can be transmitted by garden tools.

There are two simple ways to decrease the spread of disease:

  1. Carefully clean your gardening tools and pots after every use with vinegar or bleach. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly.
  2. Remove the diseased part or the entire plant immediately. If you remove the entire plant, your rest of the garden will be saved from contamination.

With such careful observation, keen attention and right action, you can free your garden from harmful pests and keep it always in top shape.