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What are some of the main reasons why clients opted for dual occupancy?

What are some of the main reasons why clients opted for dual occupancy

Most homes are usually constructed and drafted for a single family. Due to the rapid growth of the community and increased demand for land, most homeowners opted to build duplex by using only half of the block of land that they have instead of a single occupancy. This intelligent move could offer a lot of benefits both financially and personally. Duplex models offer homeowners and shareholders various opportunities. They have generated large profits from building a duplex on their block of land and subdividing the lot. The homeowners and the shareholders can bring large gains from building a duplex on their piece of land. With clever planning and unique designs, many rooms could be made, a large living room and spacious functional dining rooms. With such additional advantage, it’s no wonder the economical option of dual occupancy is flourishing.

To become a landlord is a great opportunity:

Having the duplex plan gives the homeowner become a landlord. This could be a great opportunity wherein the homeowner could associate in the real-estate and advancement for investment.A duplex design could be very beneficial to the homeowner. Once it is complete, the homeowner could decide whether the duplex is for lease, or he could even be sold it for more profits. It helps in the financial aspect of the clients through accepting tenants, for this feature is really suited for tenancy. The additional cash that could be achieved through rent will make the property be of big help compare to single occupancy. Aside from that, the homeowner could easily monitor the condition of the rented unit since the homeowner is just living adjacent to the tenants.

Modern Duplex Designs

How can duplex design homes can offer financial help to homeowners?

Modern Duplex Designs  could greatly help the financial aspect of the homeowners.

It helps in the financial aspect of the clients through accepting tenants. .The money achieved could be used for other expenses such as paying off the monthly mortgage, and paying some other important bills which are a great thing. There are plenty of advantages that could be received with dual occupancies. The client could claim a big amount of tax refund from dual occupancy compared to single family home. All maintenance cost of the unit being rented are all deducted from the tax  which means part of the client’s tax could be slightly taken away.

Why do homeowners need to be financially stable in constructing duplex design homes?

Building a duplex is expected to be expensive. The client must consider his financial stability during the construction period. The client must assure himself to suffice the budget of the project in order to fully accomplished it on or before the set span of time. The approximate budget that a client must consider in this project is more or less $800,000. Most homeowners could avail so many benefits from building a modern design duplex. They can be benefited both personally and financially. Two options could be avail by the client, a homeowner, and an investor. All the client must do is to start a move and make plans into reality.