Home Housekeeping What you can expect from a Housekeeper

What you can expect from a Housekeeper


Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and it is constantly on the go. Invariably, people lead very busy lives with hardly any time to spare for domestic chores. IF you have looked around your house or apartment with a sense of frustration and helplessness at its condition, it is probably the time to hire the services of a housekeeper. Housekeeping job in Mumbai or maid jobs in Mumbai come at a premium though, and the reason is the cosmopolitan culture and high cost of living in and around the city.

First off the bat, you should be aware of the fact that a housekeeper is not the same as a house cleaner. While their profiles may look about the same, it is important that you make the distinction early on between the two in order to hire the best person for the right job. A housekeeper will be a more constant presence in your house. She will visit your home twice a week and more if needed in order to perform a series of housekeeping tasks. There is a list of daily and weekly duties she has to compete in order to pick up her paycheck.

General duties that a housekeeper performs

While each home is unique and the homeowner will have a couple or more odd jobs that are unique to their situation, here is a tentative list of what duties befall a general housekeeper. For additional duties, you have to mention it in the initial job listing or web portal from where you hire their services.

  • The living areas will be lightly cleaned. This cleaning involves dusting, vacuuming, mopping and sweeping of the floors in all the rooms of your house or apartment.
  • The bathrooms will be cleaned along with the showers, baths, mirrors, toilets and fixtures.
  • Cleaning the kitchen; this involves the wiping don of different appliances, cleaning the counters, cabinet doors and the sinks.
  • The dishes will be washed and stored away neatly.
  • The bed linen will be changed and the beds will be made with fresh linen.
  • Clothes marked for cleaning will be washed, folded and ironed.
  • Interior window cleaning.
  • Garbage removal and recycling
  • Stocking and restocking items like toothpaste, tissues and toilet paper.
  • Tidying up of the rooms; putting away toys in proper places, light organization and de-cluttering tasks.
  • Errands for the family can also fall in a housekeeper’s ambit. Things like grocery shopping, dropping off mail and parcels, and clothes for dry cleaning are examples. You should remember that this is not usually done by a housekeeper and can only happen with prior discussion and settlement of wages.
  • Preparation of meals for the family. Now this is something that only very skilled housekeepers can perform, those who have been with the family for a long time and are considered an extension of the family. Most housekeepers do not provide this service, and if you want it from the beginning, ensure that you get the job listed.
  • Keeping a track of consumables and informing the owner when stocks run low.

The above describe the normal duties that a housekeeper is expected to perform. It is to be remembered that their services cost differently in different parts of the country and even different parts of the city. Before hiring them, ensure that you conduct a lengthy interview and are comfortable with the potential applicant.