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Why Hiring Experts to Remove an Asbestos RoofIs In Your Best Interests

Remove an Asbestos RoofIs

If you’re dealing with and considering the removal of an asbestos roof, you really should think about using licensed and experienced people who are professionals, at getting the job done safely and ideally for you. Many people get surprised and still think that asbestos is no longer seen in any homes in Australia, but, if your home was built prior to 1990, you should get it examinedbefore attempting any type of renovation.

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  • Loads of news articles, from back in the day sounded off the alarm about this hazardous material, which affected so many people at the time,and if not presently removed and dealt with by seasoned specialists, it still can and will.

The Asbestos Story

Asbestos was utilised in the world of building for quite some time from the 1950s up until the 1980s, and was an important building material, due to its rot and flame-resistant properties, strength, low cost and ease of use. It was extremely versatile and usedfor the building of things such as:

  • Roofs
  • Ceilings
  • Fences
  • Walls
  • Floor tiles
  • Piping

However, it wasn’t until the start of the 1970s that stories emerged about the dangerous nature of asbestos and then over than a decade until it was at last finally banned. Asbestos, by itself, actually poses no danger, but if its fibres somehow manage to become airborne, through the likes of being removed, renovations, fire, natural disaster,etc. the fibres become brittle, flake off and are then in danger of being inhaled.

Mind at Rest

Some general contractors may offersome advice, as in “no worries, mate” about it and won’t even inspect it for asbestos.

But, professional roofing contractors in Perth, WA, will do it properly and put up special plastic barriers and other safety arrangements to make sure that the job is carried out safely, properly without any dangerous asbestos affecting anybody in the vicinity.

  • Think over the fact that inhaling just a tiny fraction of toxic asbestos, can create health problems that might not even present themselves until many years later on.

If you are a conscious,caring type of person who has concerns about any long-term health effects for yourself and the family, people on the job and various neighbours, it really is well worth making sure that the job is carried out not only perfectly, but also safely.

GoodbyeHazardous Asbestos and G’day Beautiful New Roof!

It is certainlyin your best interests to have an asbestos examination, get the roof tested and removed by experienced and seasoned professionals. And what can make it even smoother is if the company doing the one job is also the one which will be building you with a brandnew roof! Thisway you can easily get the two jobs done together!

Contact and consult with the experts and ensure thata professional, reliable and trustworthy company in Perth, gets that roof sorted perfectly!