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Choosing Phantom Screen over Regular Doors

Phantom Screen over Regular Doors

The conventional insect screens will compromise integrity of the building’s design, diminish natural daylight, block views, as well as make window cleaning a tough task. Phantom Screens provide retractable screens, windows, doors, and openings, like porches and patios that overcome all these limitations. They’re in place when needed, and get out of sight while not in the use.

Some benefits of installing Phantom’s Screens in your home

Phantom screens will maintain the look and design of your home, provide complete privacy, protection from insect, and ventilation, and manage solar light. The retractable screens also can reduce the solar heat gain at inside of your home and decrease the energy costs of cooling your home. The Phantom screens are custom fit on all kinds of openings. Professional Series screen covers all the door types that includes in and swing doors, patio sliders, French doors and front entry doorways and others.

It is versatile

The Phantom screen doors are designed to fit various doorways, and making the seamless addition in your house. They are custom fitted to any kind of the door, no matter whether it is the French doors, which open in your balcony, back door or sliding kitchen doors, which open at your back patio. You can create the custom screen solution, which can be tailored made as per your specific requirements.

Comes in various styles and colors

You will not need to worry of your Phantom® door matching to your home’s design or style. They aren’t intrusive as well as come in various styles and colors. You can select from the signature colour or a range of wood grain touch to match to your new screen with your current décor and features of the home.

Choosing Phantom Screen over Regular Doors

Provide best function

The phantom screens allow in fresh breezes and simple access to your outdoors in spring, summer & fall. They even block the insects to get inside, offer shade against sun’s UV rays and provide extra privacy for your interior.

High performance screen doors

You may have experienced certain issues with the broken door leading to your deck earlier. It ripped very easily or will come off track, and making it frustrating to fix & operate.  You will not have such type of problems with the Phantom screens door. The retractable screens are durable and sturdy, whereas still maintaining the sleek subtle and low profile thus it slides easily in the place and out of sight.

They are easily repaired

Accidents may occasionally happen. Luckily, mesh on the Phantom screens can get replaced if its damage or most of these parts can be repaired and replaced. Excluding mesh itself, the screen door also will be covered under the lifetime warranty and labor may get covered for 2 years or so.