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How To Buy The Best Shaggy Rugs For Your Home

How To Buy The Best Shaggy Rugs For Your Home

So many things can influence your choice of a shaggy rug but technical-wise, you can only choose between long-piled and short-piled rugs. Traditionally-decorated rugs perform best with short-piled rugs while modern interior designs work best with long-piled rugs. Before deciding what color and size of home shag rugs to choose, you should have correct measurements of your living room. The pricing and maintenance of shag rugs chiefly depend on the rug material. Follow up to know what shaggy rug options are available and how to pick the best.

Natural Shaggy Rugs

Wool and cotton are the major materials used in the construction of natural shaggy rugs. Cotton has unique textured fibers that make the rugs funky and creative. Cotton is naturally affordable and easy to clean the reason cotton rugs are highly preferred in furnishing artistic spaces, dorms, and first apartments. Wool shaggy rugs are naturally elegant and deluxe. They have a shaggy textured feel that makes them not only durable and strong but also more costly. Cleaning wool shaggy rugs is a bit tricky and more often than not, it requires the professional hands an experienced cleaning specialist.

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Synthetic Home Shag Rugs

Shaggy rugs created of synthetic materials like nylon are naturally easy to maintain and durable. They don’t absorb stains so when stained, you can easily wipe them out with a damp cloth. Shaggy rugs aren’t very stylish and durable but they are easy to maintain considering they don’t require professional cleaning.  They are great solutions to install in high traffic areas. Don’t be too quick to select a synthetic shaggy rug if you wouldn’t want to land on wrong choices.

High Piled Shaggy Rugs

High piled shaggy styled rugs are rich in moss green and super appealing grass-like color that enables them to create a nature-like effect. These are the best rugs to install in rooms which don’t need to be installed with greenery solutions like plants.  Mostly, the carpets are rose pink or ocean blue hence will help you create a restful and colorful mood. If your intentions are to get an airy, elegant, and light timeless feel, white shag rugs will work best with your room regardless of the décor.

If you are buying the home shag rugs to install in the bedrooms or living rooms, you should opt for options that are way larger than the furniture and fixtures for you to achieve a more outstanding visual appeal. Small-sized rugs are the ideal choices to help you increase your bathroom, hallway, and kitchen texture without investing so much financially.  In search of the best shaggy rugs to install in your home, you should head to Roth Rugs to enjoy the most outstanding styles and designs at the best market prices ever.