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Pointers To Keep In Mind While Buying Curtain Rods For Your Home


A very basic requirement for curtains, curtain rods can add a real glamour to your window treatments. Either you are inviting your friends for dinner at your place or organizing a theme party, curtain rods not matching your curtains are a big no. From windows to the doors, curtains play an important role in adding a personal touch to every room. But without the right curtain rod, there’s no point in draping with curtains. You will be surprised to know that a curtain rod is also an important part of home interior. And to decorate your room this is a great piece to add.

So here are the simple and important points to remember before you choose the right curtain rods.

Curtain Type

Depending on the type of curtains, you need to choose the curtain rods. There are various types of curtain rods available in the market in different artistic shapes and sizes. But before you buy one you need to understand, if the selected design will match your curtain. Heavy curtains need sturdy curtain rods made of hard material. But if you have lace or lightweight curtains, then you may choose the lighter options. Some popular curtain rod materials are wrought iron, wood, steel, and brass.

Room Requirements

One has to keep in mind the various requirements of each room. Not all rooms will have a similar color or pattern of curtains. Certain curtain rod styles work better in a specific room as per the curtain design. Smaller windows need a different kind of rods from larger windows or doors. Also, it is better to buy adjustable curtain rods as you can install them as per room requirement. Also, you may have to separate a room using a curtain. In that case, you can use a strong curtain rod which is visually appealing too. You may get designer curtain rods for your bedroom, study or living area.

Color And Look

In order to add a different dimension and elegance to your room, you need to be very careful while choosing the right color and finishing for your curtain rods. If your curtain is heavy and made of velvet fabric, go for wooden matte finish rods to add depth and sophistication to your room. Also, keep in mind that cool colors go with wrought iron curtain rods. Metallic finish curtain rods and rods with crystal ends look rich and elegant.

Right Length

One has to find the right length of the curtain rods. And before you choose the rod you need to know the measurement of your windows and doors. Measuring will help you to decide how long you need your curtain rod to be. One more important thing to remember is that your curtain rod should always reach 3 to 6 inches past the window room both sides.

Above all, your style should reflect in the curtain rods you buy. If you are planning to get some of the best curtain rods for your lovely home, consider giving value to your preference of color and shapes. What you love will always look good in your home. Just make sure you find some quality products according to the curtains you have. A simple curtain rod can express a lot and define the home environment.