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Questions You Should Ask Experts Before Adding A Second Fireplace


Winter is the time to feel cozy at one’s home, right? And a perfect fireplace is all that you need to make the winter comfortable. Most of the houses do have a fireplace already. But have you ever thought of getting a second fireplace? It is actually, a very good idea to install a second fireplace for a number of reasons.

But let’s just not talk about the benefits of a second fireplace. More than this you should know what question you must ask before getting a second fireplace.

Ask yourself first

Before anything, you need to be very sure if you really need a second fireplace. And do not feel strange if your fireplace company asks you- should you add a second fireplace? This is a very common question as there are so many factors you need to consider beforehand a second fireplace installation. Getting another fireplace when you already have one is not for every house. It depends entirely upon the customer’s specific requirements.

Is The Company Licensed Or Insured?

Always opt for licensed companies as they have the right expertise and knowledge. You can rest assured that your fireplace project is in the right hand. If the company is competent you will know that the project will be properly executed. The technician should be trained and licensed. But you need to make sure that the company is really certified and not some fake one in the market. Always read the reviews of the customers and learn about the company performance records.

Ask For Service Maintenance

When you plan to install a second fireplace you must ask the company about the maintenance service. If the company is not providing such a service, you must think about a different company for your second fireplace installation. Your fireplace needs proper maintenance and trained professional can only help you. Regular fireplace maintenance will actually keep your property safe from any fire hazard. But if you are not getting any after-installation service from the fireplace company, you need to find a certified chimney and fireplace maintenance service provider.

Which One- Gas Or Wood?

In early days wood fireplace was the only way. But now you have another option- a gas fireplace. This is widely preferred these days because of its efficiency. Gas fireplace emits comparatively fewer pollutants than wood. Burning wood is not environment-friendly. It causes harm to our nature due to air pollution.

What Is Your Budget Limit?

You need to decide on the type of fireplace first. According to that, you will understand the budget factor. You can research online about the perfect type of fireplace and the price too. The premium models are expensive with many added features. But you can also find affordable fireplace as per your need.

Does Your Decor Style Match?

Every home is different and so is the decor style. The basic and age-old concept is that a wood fireplace is perfect with traditional house decor. But for maintaining a clean environment you need to say no to wood fireplace. Instead, you can choose the model of a gas fireplace that displays beautiful flames and realistic log effects. For modern houses, there are a lot of options to choose from. The trick is to make the fireplace match your interior and ambiance.

Let your home feel happy this winter with a second fireplace.