Home Furniture Understand the steps to apply chalk paint to varnish your old furniture

Understand the steps to apply chalk paint to varnish your old furniture

Understand the steps to apply chalk paint to varnish your old furniture

Planned to paint your old furniture, but new to this concept, they you should pay more attention on choosing the paint. Some research says that, many amateurs have been practicing their work by employing chalk paint. Actually, the chalk pain is latex based paint with fine granules. The ease of use features would let any to paint furniture and cabinet with ease. This can be applied smoothly even on the rough surface. If you are in the plan of refurbishing the cabinet and furniture, it is better to use chalk paint, because this would give impressive new look to your cabinet.

Since this is easy to apply on any kind of furniture, at least you should have knowledge on the steps to apply chalk paint. Are you in the plan of using chalk paint, you can better use the following website relaxingspace.com to understand this thoroughly. Here is the glimpse to understand the methods to apply the chalk paint.


Steps to apply chalk paint to give brand new look to old furniture:

  • Choose the wooden furniture, which you planned to varnish.
  • Since chalk paint might have various options, you can choose the right color according to the cabinet you wished to paint. While choosing, ensure it matches with the wall color, where you are planned to place the refurbished cabinet.
  • Garner stirrers, brushes, soft rags, wax, and painter tap.
  • Choose clean area with good ventilation. Since chalk paint is odorless, choosing good ventilation area would help you get some idea about new color mix.
  • If you are in the plan of varnishing the furniture, try to have some wood glue in order to patch up dents and holes.
  • The best technique to have perfect finish is by adding the tap to the area, where you do not want to paint.
  • Before start painting, you are recommended to test the paint on small portion or in the hidden portion of the furniture.
  • For chalk paint, you do not need to add two coatings, but when you wished to have perfect finish and great look, you can add two layers. Ensure the first coating paint should dry completely before applying the second coat.
  • Once you done with varnishing, it is best to seal this with wax. This will help in sticking of any dirt.

These are some important steps that the person should consider before they planned to pain their old furniture. To make this happen, you do not need any practical experience, but you can start applying this with little knowledge. To learn more regarding this, better you can tap on the link and start read on the steps.