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Visit our website to know more about the terms and conditions


The terms and conditions will be applicable by our team as the signature is required upon delivery. The services which are offered for free of charge will ensure you to select the better date to receive the order. It will take two working days in the super fast delivery service for the customers to receive the primed and unprimed goods. The signature is required at the time of delivery so you can receive the window sills on the next day if you are not present at your home. You can read more about the terms and conditions of our company if you just visit our website. Our team will contact the courier for a quote based on the request of the customers. The delivery window is between 8 am to 6 pm for the free delivery and super fast delivery services. You can ensure that the order will get delivered to you on or before the exact delivery date.

Place the orders over the phone:

The customers can just leave a note on their front door when their window sills order is due for delivery. If the name and signature of the customers are included in the note at their doorstep then the goods will be left at that particular place. The note can be used as the proof of delivery by the driver while delivering the goods. You can collect the goods directly from our courier service instead of delivering them if you are from the local community. If you want to place the order over your phone then you should agree on the collection date so that you can place an order for collection. All the delivery options will be subjected to the terms and conditions on our website. The receipt of your order is required to check and unwrap all your parcels. The replacements will be arranged accordingly within 24 hours of delivery if any damage is reported for the goods.

Competitive pricing for the products:

If the time frame of the products has expired then our team is not responsible for the reports related to the damages. The architraves and skirting boards are available on our store so you can have a look at the extensive range of products. There are many orders and sizes available for the designs which will get ready in a couple of days. The customers will not regret to visit our company due to some reasons. The discounts are offers with competitive pricing, particularly on the large orders. If you want to take away the products immediately then you can just try the sample packs. Different types of payment options are offered for all the customers during the time of purchase at our company.